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  • Archbishop Cordileone gives blessing at Mass of the Americas

    Lenten Message from the Archbishop

    Now, at this “acceptable time,” Lent begins. We are called again to stop the ordinary routine, evaluate the areas where we have strayed from the ideals of Christian life, and make a deliberate turning back to God. In these days we only have to turn on the news to see vivid evidence of just how far our culture is from Christian ideals: the passing of horrific laws that permit the killing of full-term infants; family separation resulting from oppressive social and economic forces, affecting especially vulnerable immigrant families; an epidemic of homelessness; revelations of abuse of power even within the hierarchy of the Church; the list goes on and on. Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

    And our Lord is merciful. Things do change when we are willing to trust God, which means to obey Him and let God do things God's way. Our turning, or...


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