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Ongoing Faith Formation for Children, Youth and Adults

Adult Confirmation

Confirmation candidates (age 18+) may come to formation classes given by the Office of Faith Formation. These classes are offered in the spring and fall, for Confirmations on Pentecost and the Vigil Mass for the Feast of Christ the King. Permission & registration must go through the candidates' parish. (Alternatively, candidates may choose to join their parish for preparation and/or celebration of the sacrament.)

Archdiocesan celebrations of Confirmation are held at St. Mary's Cathedral, 1111 Gough Street in San Francisco.

November 25, 2017      5:30 pm  Liturgy - Vigil of the Feast of Christ the King
                                                     (Candidates & Sponsors arrive at 4:30 pm)

May 18, 2018                5:30 pm  Liturgy - Pentecost    
                                                     (Candidates & Sponsors arrive at  4:30 pm)

Parishes are responsible for notifying the Office of Worship that a candidate will be celebrating the sacrament at St. Mary Cathedral.  This is done by notifying the Office of Worship.  

Parishes are responsible for providing a name tag for the celebration of the sacrament for the candidate, preparing a certificate and registering the sacrament in their sacramental registry.  

Adult Faith Formation

"[Catechesis] invites and enables adults “to acquire an attitude of conversion to the Lord.” This attitude views the Christian life as a gradual transformation in Christ, in which the Christian takes on the mind of Christ, trusts in the Fathers love, accepts the Spirits guidance in searching out and obeying God’s will, and seeks holiness of life within the Church. It fosters baptismal spirituality in which the Christian’s faith in Jesus is continuously deepened through participation in the sacraments, the works of charity and
justice, and prayer life of the Church."   (National Directory for Catechesis (NDC) USCCB 2005 #48) 

Faith Formation takes place in the local parish.  Use our Parish Finder to find a community near your home.

These websites contain recommended materials for anyone who desires to learn more about their faith:

Alpha   Alpha is very effective as a means of bringing people to a "starting point of faith," an encounter with the risen Lord Jesus.  It introduces people to Jesus while teaching the foundational elements of our faith. Fr. Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household for over 31 years, is fond of saying, “It is the Alpha course, not the Alpha and Omega course. Alpha focuses on the kerygma, which is the starting point of faith. After people come to a living faith in Jesus then they need to be formed in the faith which is up to other parish programs to do.”

Encuentro is a four-year process of missionary activity, consultation, leadership development and pastoral discernment in parishes, dioceses and episcopal regions that culminates with a national event. A primary outcome of the Encuentro process is to discern pastoral practices and priorities to impact the quality of ministry among Hispanic/Latino Catholics, under the leadership of the U.S. bishops.

GEMS: Great Endeavors Mined and Shared: Book recommendations and other helpful materials for adult faith formation, from Sister Janet Schaeffler, O.P.

Little Rock Scripture Study : Materials for group Bible study are available in English and in Spanish. (El EBLR estudios están disponibles en inglés y Español.)

Loyola Institute for Ministry: Adult faith formation requires a unique approach, so that it can address the needs of those who are new to the Catholic faith as well as those Catholics who are seeking to deepen their faith. Here you will find tips and ideas for making your adult faith formation ministry a success.

STM Online: Crossroads: Part of Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry (STM), offering more than 35 courses per year, serving over 2000 participants. Committed to online faith formation that engages adults at the crossroads of life and faith, theology and ministry, action and contemplation.  

USCCB: Three major goals guide and direct efforts in adult faith formation: Invite and enable ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life; promote and support active membership in the Christian community; and call and prepare adults to act as disciples in mission to the world.


Word on Fire
: Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire presents a variety of adult faith formation programs for use as a parish or an individual in learning and deepening one's faith.

Special Needs Faith Formation

Special needs FF image 4 children"All persons with disabilities have the capacity to proclaim the Gospel and to be living witnesses to its truth within the community of faith and offer valuable gifts. Their involvement enriches every aspect of Church life.  They are not just the recipients of catechesis—they are also its agents. All persons with disabilities or special needs should be welcomed in the Church. Every person, however limited, is capable of growth in holiness.

"Some persons with disabilities live in isolating conditions that make it difficult for them to participate in catechetical experiences. Since provision of access to religious functions is a pastoral duty, parishes should make that much more effort to include those who may feel excluded.

"The Church’s pastoral response in such situations is to learn about the disability, offer support to the family, and welcome the child.” (National Directory for Catechesis USCCB, #49)

Special Needs Faith Formation Locations:

Sisters of Social Service, 1850 Ulloa St., San Francisco
(Afternoon classes for older students for sacramental prep or those who have completed their sacraments)

St. Veronica Church, 434 Alida Way, South San Francisco
(For all age groups needing the sacraments)

Special needs FF image 1

Janet Fortuna

Youth Confirmation

Youth Confirmation within the Archdiocese of San Francisco takes place between 8th grade and the end of high school, in the parish.  Use our Parish Finder to locate a parish near you.   Provided for your information: Confirmation Guidelines and Schedule.

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