Music Director

The Cathedral of Christ the Light - Oakland

Human Resources
Position Title: Music Director
Reports to: The Bishop, and Cathedral Rector as Bishop’s delegate
Department: Cathedral Ministries
Classification: Exempt, E-5
Salary: $78K - $94K

The Music Director is responsible for developing and leading the music program in the Cathedral of Christ the Light, a program designed to fulfill the norms and expectations contained in the decrees Sacrosanctum Concilium, Musicam Sacram, and other Church documents on liturgy and sacred music. The music program is to serve as a model of liturgical and artistic excellence for the Diocese of Oakland. The program will serve both diocesan liturgical events and the regular services of the multi-cultural Cathedral parish.

The "Sunday Experience" of the proper and reverent celebration of the Mass is the number one priority of the Bishop. Sacred music plays an integral part in helping parishioners experience the Real Presence of Christ in the sacred liturgy.

The Director of Music is asked to draw from the Church's full rich treasury of sacred music as part of the sacred liturgy. "The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater than that of any other art." (Sacrosanctum Concilium).

The Music Director should recruit and train multiple choirs of varying styles to provide music for Cathedral parish and diocesan liturgical events. The Music Director will also include "singable hymns" for the congregation at each Mass and event.

The Music Director will:
- Develop a choir and musical program for the weekly Solemn Mass in the Cathedral and other Cathedral Parish Masses, Holy Days, etc.
- Be responsible for sacred music at all diocesan worship: Cathedral Confirmations, Ordinations, Chrism Mass, All Souls Day, World Day of the Sick, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Regina Mundi Society Mass, etc..
- Be responsible for the oversight of the Organ and determine those persons who will play the organ at worship and/or recitals.
- Foster the development and growth for singing by the congregation.
- Oversee all other Cathedral music programs.
- Prepare and supervise the Cathedral music budget and oversee the compensation of other paid musicians.
- Develop and maintain the Cathedral music library.
- Develop an understanding with the Bishop and Cathedral Rector as to the choices and suitability of music for divine worship.
- Serve as a resource for parish music programs in the Diocese.
- Assist in developing programs for liturgical musicians and ministers in the parishes of the Diocese.
pursue continuing education and professional development in Sacred Music and Liturgy
- Will develop and oversee concert and recital events at the Cathedral as a means of Evangelization.
- May be assigned other tasks as needed.

The Music Director:
- Participates in the corporate life of the Diocese and Cathedral parish through activities and work groups, attending team meetings, special services, and social functions.
- Supervises all music personnel and establishes levels of acceptable competence.
- Engages supplementary musicians as needed for special occasions and approves substitutes.
auditions, rehearses, and directs the Cathedral choir(s) and oversees ethnic, youth or children’s choirs.
enlists, trains, and supervises parish cantors.
- Cooperates with the Bishop and Rector in planning music for Cathedral liturgical functions.
in cooperation with the Bishop and Rector, purchases worship aids (hymnals, service books, copyright privileges, etc.) for the assembly.
- Meets with couples to plan music for weddings and planning funeral Masses
may be assigned other tasks as needed.

Must be a regularly practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church.
Possess an advanced degree in liturgy or music, or equivalent (Master’s or higher).
Pastoral sensitivity and experience.
Collaborative and diplomatic skills.
Active knowledge of Roman Catholic Church documents on liturgical tradition, including Gregorian Chant and classical polyphony.
Experience with ethnic, cultural, linguistic, traditions and the ability to promote the Church’s ideals for its liturgical celebrations.
Demonstrated experience as a liturgical organist.
Demonstrated excellence in conducting choirs, ensembles, and soloists.
Competence in arranging for non-keyboard musical instruments.

This is a full-time, 37.5 hour per week position and includes full diocesan benefits, including health, dental/vision, sick and vacation accruals, basic life insurance, short- and long-term disability, as well as retirement contribution of 8% of salary into the Lay Employee Retirement Plan among other benefits.

Interested candidates please submit letter of interest and resume to:
Gloria Espinoza
Director of Human Resources [email protected]

Deadline to apply:
The goal is to hire as soon as possible. A first review of applications is scheduled for February 23, 2024.