Listing of the Approved Advocates for the Archdiocese of San Francisco

Advocate – An advocate is described as a person who safeguards the rights of a party in a canonical process.

Procurator – A procurator is one who by legitimate mandate performs legitimate business for a petitioner or a respondent.

Advocates/procurators are volunteers who assist in the ministry of the Tribunal. In exercising the right to vindicate one's rights within the Church in accord with canon 221 of the Code of Canon Law (CIC) and canon 24 of the Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches (CCEO), it is often necessary to use the services of canonical advocates. Thus, those involved in canonical disputes have a right to the services of advocates.

Deacon Tom Boyle
(650) 364-6165

Marie Felix
(650) 743-1634

Karen Levesque
(415) 652-6040

Deacon John Norris
(707) 775-5936

Deacon Bernie O'Halloran
(415) 454-3496

Deacon Fred Totah
(650) 888-8249


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