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St. Charles Borromeo School to Suspend Operations in June

by Archdiocese of San Francisco | Feb 15, 2017


San Francisco, February 14, 2017 – Fr. John Jimenez, pastor and director of St. Charles Borromeo School in San Francisco, and the Archdiocese of San Francisco have notified school parents and faculty that the K-8 elementary school will suspend operations at the end of the current school year in June.

The Archdiocese said that enrollment at the 129-year-old school has declined by almost half over the past three years.  “It will take a period of time and much work to build enrollment back up to where it needs to be to provide a solid learning environment for our children,” the Archdiocese stated. 

As well, the 130-year-old school building faces imminent serious construction and seismic challenges. The Archdiocese said, “These include expensive construction and seismic issues which must be planned for now and begin to be addressed in the very near future.”

Strengthening enrollment at the parish school and addressing the physical plant challenges are the primary objectives to be met while school operations are suspended.  The most immediate task though, beginning next week, is assisting all current K-7 students in registering at nearby Catholic schools for the fall semester.  The Archdiocese is committing the tuition assistance necessary for students to make the transition and continue in their new Catholic school.

St. Charles Borromeo School is one of the six members of the Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools.  The Alliance was formed by the Archdiocese in 2005 and provides collaborative planning, marketing, purchasing and development services for the inner-city Mission schools. Two member schools, St. James School and St. Anthony Immaculate Conception School, are the identified destination schools for St. Charles Borromeo students.

To plan this transition process parent meetings are being scheduled for February 21 and March 2 at St. Charles Borromeo School.  Student options and tuition assistance will be discussed in individual parent meetings on February 21.  Parents are asked to schedule these individual meetings through the school principal.  At the March 2 meeting, parents can meet with representatives from the two destination schools, St. James and St. Anthony Immaculate Conception, to begin registering their children for the fall semester.

Throughout San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties the Archdiocese of San Francisco operates 51 Catholic diocesan and parish elementary schools, educating more than 14,200 students.


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