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Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry welcomes all adults ages 18-40, married, single, divorced, with or without children, eager to grow in love with God whether searching, found, confused or questioning.

We are working to create a home by building  peer communities in all of our parishes throughout the Archdiocese.

To this end we have five goals that guide our work:

  1. Provide a leadership formation program which recruits, forms, catechizes, energizes and equips young adult leaders to form peer communities.
  2. Create archdiocesan and parish environments where young adults are valued and invited.
  3. Invite young adults into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
  4. Assist the diverse young adults of our archdiocese in discerning their mission in the world and integrating that mission in their work, family and community life.
  5. Maximize the potential of existing and emerging technologies to reach out to young adults and connect them to one another and the Church.

Upcoming Events

http://www.nationalcatholicsingles.com/  May 19-21 in Pittsburgh, PA for single adults

http://www.onfirenorcal.com/  September 16 in Vallejo, CA for youth, Youth Ministers, and young adults

Way early notice:

http://worldyouthday.com/panama-2019  January 22-29, 2019 in Panama for young adults

Young Adult Groups

The Young Adult Ministry supports the Young Adult activities at these parishes. If you don't have a Young Adult group at your parish and would like to start one, contact us!


 Contact us:
 Amanda George
 Telephone: (415) 614-5595
 Email: georgea@sfarch.org

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