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Marriage Difficulties

Every marriage goes through difficulties, sometimes so painful they threaten to destroy the marriage.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco does not offer counseling, but is committed to helping couples in difficulty to find the help they need to heal and repair the damage to their marriages.

Here are some resources which have helped others.

Retrouvaille - For Couples, By Couples

Weekend format run by couples who have successfully overcome tremendous challenges to their own marriages. Many couples in this weekend are at the point of divorce - this will help them with tools to deal with their difficulties and rebuild damaged trust.
Upcoming Retrouvaille Weekends (CA)

The Alexander House

A Catholic marriage ministry - This couple nearly divorced 10 years ago. Their healed marriage is now stronger than ever and in gratitude to God they have quit their jobs and devoted their lives to marriage ministry. They also do marriage coaching.
The Alexander House


This website offers much practical advice for couples struggling to hold their marriages together. Many good articles, etc. They also do 'marriage coaching.'
Marriage Enrichment Resources - The Archdiocese of St. Louis


Movie about healing a broken marriage. Many couples have found it helps resolve issues in their own marriages.
"Fireproof" on Amazon


The viewing of pornography is highly damaging to a marriage. It decreases the ability of husband and wife to love each other, and to form an intimate bond. There are an increasing number of places to find help for those who watch pornography and wish to stop. Here are some of the better ones.

Article - "The Secret Epidemic" - Christian site - Christian site - Christian site

Fight the New Drug - Research, articles on porn
Drug of the New Millenium - good book on effects of porn
Your Brain on Porn - science of porn addiction

Other Web Resources

Dr Phil - Fixing a Broken Marriage

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