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Divorced Catholics

"May the church be the place of God’s mercy and love, where everyone can feel themselves welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live according to…the Gospel.    Pope Francis



Journey of Hope Conference

My name is Lisa Duffy, and I am a Catholic author, speaker, and retreat leader specializing in divorce recovery. I am partnering with the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, SC to offer this conference to help the many men and women who are suffering due to divorce and believe they would benefit greatly from an event such as this. I will be adding a track for Spanish-speaking attendees, soon. The past two conferences in 2010 and 2011 have been attended by people from all over the country, Canada and Mexico.

If you would like to know more about me, my website is LisaDuffy.Com. At your request, I will send more information about the conference.


The Church is definitely against divorce, and divorced people are strongly against divorce as well, but the Church isn’t against divorced people.  Fr Al Grosskopf, SJ

Local groups

The Archdiocese of San Francisco has a special ministry for men and women who have experienced the pain of separation and divorce. We believe that the Church has a rich treasury of people, Holy Scripture, tradition, and pastoral ministry on which it can draw to serve its members whose marriages end in divorce.

We strive to lay open this wealth and make known Christ’s abundant healing love so that all who suffer from separation and divorce might experience healing, reconciliation, and new life. We also recognize that separated and divorced people, through their vulnerability, suffering, courage, faithfulness, and patient endurance bear witness to Christ and his redeeming grace in the world. They are not mere recipients of the Church’s compassion; they are as well, ministers of that compassion.

Catholic Divorce Ministry

We have a support group that meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month, 7:30 P.M. at the Parish Center, St. Stephen Church, 451 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco. Please call Father Al Grosskopf, S.J., 415-422-6698.

Separated and Divorced Catholics Group

Meet at St Dominic's Church, the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, 7:30pm  (Aquinas room).  Please join us to share comfort, lessons, wisdom and strength with others on this journey.  In January we will be adding the Divorce Survival Guide video series to enrich our conversation. This is a twelve part series from Ascension Press. Contact Diana Wild at 415-929-0999 or email her at

New Beginnings

St. Hilary’s Parish has set up a special ministry for men and women who have experienced or are experiencing the pain of separation and divorce. We meet the 2nd Friday of every month, 6:30pm.  For more information call the parish office (415) 435-1122 or email Victoria or Karen.    The aims of the group are:

1)   To connect those in need of healing and support with those who have walked in their shoes & can help guide them along the way and share their experiences.

2)   To help divorced individuals deal with all the typical feelings of loss, failure and loneliness.

3)   To help educate those who are dealing with this situation on the Church’s views and teachings

Why stay Catholic through a divorce?    One woman's mediation on divorce and the Church

Resources   Many resources      Many resources, Q/A, etc. from Rose Sweet (N American Conference of Separated & Divorced Catholics) – national ministry; members receive the journal, Jacob's Well);   Lisa is another Catholic writer on the topic of divorce, many resources on her website    Beginning Experience weekend experience.     More from Rose Sweet       They have monthly online seminars; their work has been recommended to me



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