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Marriage & Family Life

Our work springs from the belief that loving and just family relationships build up the Church, strengthen society, and glorify God.

The Office of Marriage and Family helps support the spiritual life, personal relationships and dignity of all human beings. This includes single persons, newly engaged men and women, married couples, families with children and without them and the widowed and the divorced.

We promote the Theology of the Body, a timeless and universal presentation on what it means to be human by Pope Saint John Paul II. In this rich body of text the Holy Father presents the perennial teachings of the Church on love and the family in a way that is accessible to the modern reader.

On this site you’ll also find information and supportive resources for Catholic marriage preparationmarriage enrichment and programs to heal marriage difficulties. We offer extensive information on Natural Family Planning and Catholic resources for dealing with infertility.

We believe, as did Pope John Paul II who never tired of reminding us, that the future of all humanity depends on marriage and the family. Please contact us directly if we can offer you and your families our personal support.

Office of Marriage & Family Life
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Ed Hopfner, Director


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