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Becoming Catholic

We invite you to learn more about the beliefs we hold as Catholic Christians and the great joy we have in Jesus Christ our Savior.

One of the best ways to explore an interest in Catholicism is by contacting a parish near you. You will be invited to join with others like yourself in learning what it means to be Catholic -- what we believe, how we worship and pray and how we try to live our lives.

To find a parish near you, please visit our Find a Parish page.

On his visit to America in April 2008, Pope Benedict XVI said, "In every time and place, the Church is called to grow in unity through constant conversion to Christ, whose saving work is proclaimed by the successors of the apostles and celebrated in the sacraments. This unity, in turn, gives rise to an unceasing missionary outreach as the Spirit spurs believers to proclaim 'the great works of God' and to invite all people to enter the community of those saved by the blood of Christ and granted new life in his Spirit."

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