Take Action

In Laudato Si', Pope Francis reminds us that the future of humanity and nature are inextricably interwoven. Caring for God's creation is an expression of our love of God and of our moral responsibility to ensure that future generations can enjoy the fruits of the earth.

1) Be the Change! Sign the Catholic Relief Services petition and urge Congress to support implementation of the Paris climate change accord and ongoing strong U.S. leadership on climate change.

2) Learn more from the Catholic Climate Convenant

3) Catholic Relief Services is on the ground helping communities in developing countries adapt to the damaging effects of climate change. Join the I Am Climate Change campaign and stand with us in solidarity with poor and vulnerable people overseas! This cause and campaign is important to us, and important to the world’s future. Make it important to you!

4) Are you interested in doing more to Care for Our Common Home and implement some of the ideas Pope Francis discusses in Laudato Si but are not sure where to start?

This survey is a great place to start within your parish.  Bring this to your pastor to ask about distributing it after masses one Sunday. The feedback will give you a good sense of what your fellow parishioners are interested and where to start! 

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