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Current Goals for the Fundraising Efforts for the Alliance


Curriculum Enhancement

Newly adopted State of California mathematics textbooks for all Alliance Schools for academic year 2008-2009, over 2200 books - $184,000

Professional Development for all faculties in Differentiated Instruction - $166,066


Tuition Assistance

Family Discounts - in most AMDCS discounts given to families for siblings, or lower rates charged for parishioners, is an unfunded item in their budget. While a mission component, this shortfall in operating income can be a hardship on the schools and faculty. Forty-five percent of the students enrolled in AMDCS schools receive tuition assistance from BASIC Fund, the Archdiocese, and generous foundation and individual donors.


Tuition Endowment

The AMDCS Strategic Plan calls for the establishment of an endowment to support tuition assistance by July 2011. This will provide financial assistance to the most needy families in our community.


Capital Endowment

The AMDCS Strategic Plan calls for the establishment of an endowment to support the ongoing capital improvement needs of the member schools by July 2011. The days when the parish community could build and maintain schools buildings have passed us by! Parents who struggle to pay tuition are not capable of providing for the facilities’ needs and keep their child enrolled in our schools. An endowment that provides annual resources will complement the master site plan under development.


Sharing Your Time, Talent, Treasure


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Click here to email Gustavo Torres for instructions.

To make a donation via personal check, please address it to : 

The Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools
Attention: Mr. Gustavo Torres
One Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, CA 94109

If your employer promotes an annual United Way Campaign, designate your gift to The Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools.



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Do you have skills in marketing, finance, fund raising, or anything that is relevant to helping our schools thrive that you would like to share? Contact your school here (click for list of school e-mails) to offer your talents directly to the school of your choice, or join one of the committees of the AMDCS Consultative Board. Click here to email Gustavo Torres for instructions.

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