Our Curriculum

The Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of San Francisco has curriculum guidelines in all subject areas. The Guidelines follow the California State Standards and are infused with Catholic teachings, doctrine and tradition. Curriculum is the educational process of transmitting knowledge and attitudes steeped in Gospel values in all content areas. These guidelines present concepts and skills and their relationship to the continuum of learning. They provide teachers and administrators with a broad perspective of academic disciplines and the inter-relatedness of these.

Curriculum is not static. It is an ongoing developmental process impacted by societal changes as well as the emergence of new knowledge in the art and science of education. Consequently, these guidelines will continue to evolve. This is a framework that will change over time. Undoubtedly, it will never reach a static point.

 With gratitude I acknowledge the educators who have contributed their expertise in this endeavor. The Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and School Improvement, developed processes, guided committees, and encouraged diligent pursuit of the completion of each subject area. Teachers from all areas of the Archdiocese labored long hours, contributing their expertise and input. The outcome is a reflection of their talents.

Curriculum guidelines direct educators. They are the framework for sequential learning.


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