Become an ANGEL of our Catholic Schools -Give Today!


Archdiocesan School Scholarship Fund - ANGELS

Afford students and families all the benefits of a Catholic School Education when they could not otherwise attend our schools.

Nurture Faith Formation through their Commitment to Catholic Education

Give back to the communities that have provided them with the tools and abilities they have been given and use to be successful to this very day.

Educate all children regardless of their academic ability and provide meaningful instruction so all children can succeed. All have a place within a Catholic school.

Leverage the school success rate of 89%-100% for graduation and college acceptance at a fraction of the cost of both private and public schools.

   Sponsor students into a better life.

                                Thank you for Giving to our schools!  You're an Angel!

Please contact the school of your choice directly,
Click here to email Gustavo Torres for instructions.
415-614-5546 for options and information 
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