Vicar for Clergy Office

The Office of the Vicar for the Clergy assists and supports priests, deacons, and seminarians in their ministry to the people of the Archdiocese.

The Vicar for Clergy oversees the work of the Priest Personnel Board, the Retirement Board, the Ongoing Formation of Priests Board and works with the Director of Vocations, the Director of Ongoing Formation of Priests, the Director of Diaconate Formation, the Director of Permanent Diaconate, the Vicar for Spanish speaking, and the Vicar for the Filipino Community.

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Main Office (415) 614-5611
Fax (415) 614-5613

Vicar for Clergy
Reverend Raymund M. Reyes

Office Manager
Annabelle Groh

Administrative Assistants
Sharon Lee
Merle Talens

Clergy Database and Compliance
Annabelle Groh
Staff:  Sharon Lee
            Merle Talens

Priests' Geriatric Care Management
Mary Schembri
(415) 420-9448

Retired Priests Support
Annabelle Groh
Sharon Lee
(415) 614-5611

Clergy Immigration
Annabelle Groh
Sharon Lee

Director of Vocations
Reverend David Schunk
(415) 614-5683
Staff:  Betty Riechmann
(415) 614-5684 (Thursday/Friday)

Director of Ongoing Formation
Reverend William H. McCain
415-333-3627 (Saint Finn Barr Parish)
Staff:  Sharon Lee
(415) 614-5611

Director of Permanent Diaconate
Deacon Mike Ghiorso
(415) 614-5530
Staff:  Patricia Jameson
(415) 614-5530

Vicar for Filipinos
Reverend Eugene D. Tungol
(415) 333-7630

Vicar for Spanish Speaking
Reverend Moisés Agudo
(415) 282-1652
Hispanic Pastoral Council

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