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Human Resources Department

The Office of Human Resources provides a comprehensive human resources framework for more than 4,300 parish, school and Pastoral Center employees. The office strives to ensure that personnel policies and programs throughout the archdiocese are consistent, understood and enforced uniformly; address the human resources challenges that our local church faces consistent with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ publication, Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord; and comply with federal, state and local laws. The office administers a competitive array of employee benefits such as health insurance, pension and retirement savings plans, disability protection, and employee assistance services. The office also facilitates comprehensive training programs and coaching for employees in leadership positions in areas such as Employment Law, Performance Management, Wage and Hour regulations, Sexual Harassment Prevention, and Salary Administration.


This office dedicates itself to serving all employees of the Archdiocese and all others with whom we associate in a professional, respectful and courteous manner Strives to ensure Archdiocesan personnel polices and programs are understood by all and display the appropriate degree of consistency throughout the organization Commits to the following shared values which are inspired by our Lord Jesus as our model:

C - Cares

A - Advises

R - Respectful

E - Educates

S - Serves

We hope that the following forms, charts and resources will help our employees in practical ways to fulfill the mission that God is calling them to in love and grace.

Click here to register for the State Mandated AB1825 Supervisory Training. 

Click here to find the forms and resources for new employees.

Click here to find a list of benefits. (Coming soon)

Click here to find issues of HR Connect Newsletter, a training and educational resource.

Click here to view employment opportunities.

You may contact us at:

One Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco 94109
Phone (415) 614-5540
Fax (415) 614-5536 
email: nazarios@sfarch.org
Vicky Salgado

Associate Director
Patrick Schmidt

Benefits Manager
Janice Ward

Benefits Coordinator
LaShonda Perry

Benefits Account Payable Specialist
Ronnie Davis

Human Resources Coordinator
Suzanne Nazario
Philip Lam
Part Time Administrative Assistant

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