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August  2017

Mary, Mother of the Poor

Calendar Connection:  
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary -- August 15

Prayer for the Assumption of Mary:

Gracious God, all creation rightly gives You praise, for all life and all holiness come from You. In the plan of Your wisdom she who bore the Christ in her womb was raised body and soul in glory to be with Him in heaven. May we follow her example in reflecting Your holiness and join in her hymn of endless love and praise.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.    Amen.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary Guido Reni Activities:

Collect and distribute new clothing to people who are homeless. +  Serve lunch at a dining room for those who are poor and homeless.  +   Smile and say hello to a homeless person.  +  Put a donation in the poor box in your parish Church.   +  Pray that our society will meet the needs of those who are poor and those who are marginalized in any way.  +  Find your local food pantry and make a donation. (Look up their website and ask about what they need before you go shopping).  +  Keep three cans of food in your car to give to people who are asking for assistance at intersections. +  Grocery stores often display boxes to collect items for a food drive—add items to that box each time you shop. +  

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin,  Guido Reni

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